Wikipedia links

I, the creator of this page, sit in a bus pretty often. I've thought that it would be nice to make good use of that time. One time I tried to search a page where I could just casually fill in the blanks of my general knowledge, so that all the knowlegde could be found from the same place. Otherwise I could just google things separately, but the whole point is that I don't know what I don't know. I couldn't find a good page for that so I decided to create one.

This page will hopefully evolve very much as I go, but I'll start with user posted Wikipedia links. No single person knows all that is useful to know. By letting users post links we will help each other fill in our blind spots. I only allow Wikipedia links for now because that way I don't have to censor anything. English is the only language at this point, but I might add others later.

NEW: Books-section added. Books can only be added using their ISBN. Names are added using google books api.